2014 Section 94

Block 94 the 1990s single-vineyard section is as a reminder, “a particularly good Sauvignon Blanc block,” noted by James Healy. Character is very much lees driven and reduction is at the top of the freshness, or fresh making game. It’s a delicious and frantic one.

Top 100 New Zealand Wines of 2017 - James Suckling

2014 Section 94

It will come as no surprise that the solo sauvignon inclusion in the NZ Top 100 is the top bottling from Dog Point Vineyard, their Section 94. In many ways, it is a wine that has more stylistic overlap with a top-flight chardonnay than it does with troppo sauvignon blanc, but that’s because they stand alone in pursuit of this razor-sharp style. With staggering complexity built into powerful, high-tensile fruit, it is a wine that shows the possibilities for extreme quality and style and one that delivers consistently.

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