James Suckling Harvest Video Competition

Our next runner-up in the JamesSuckling.com 2013 Harvest Video Competition (#8), says New Zealand all over – and it should do being from one the country's best white wine producers, Dog Point. There are some sheep, an awesome shot of some impressive mountains but most of all you get a great idea here of the winemaking process here. We particularly enjoyed the reoccurring 1960s car, the interspersed slow-motion sequences and the dreamy music of a time gone past that ends crisply with a quick transition to their white being poured. Nice ending. http://www.jamessuckling.com/harvest-video-competition-runner-up-8-dog-point.html

New Zealand winegrowers on wine labels

Once on the shelf, a label's work really begins. According to John Macpherson (Mac), owner of wine retailer Advintage, the business of wine labels fall into a couple of camps; the resurgence of clean, classic branding, and the labels that simply "pop off the shelf". "Simple and elegant label design is making a welcome comeback," says Mac. "Dog Point is a superb example of this and it ticks all the 'fine wine cues', those being elegance, refinement and tradition. The label contains key messages and an icon that is so simple and timeless. It's the attention to quality both inside and outside the bottle that appeals to buyers. It's lovely to see classic, fine wine label styles back - they work really well at retail level."