Dog Point's Biggest Loser competition - Harvest 2017

Dog Point Vineyard | 2017-05-02

Harvest is a time of long days and frantic work, but at Dog Point Vineyard, we celebrate the incidental benefit to worker's waistlines. 

This year, vineyard manager, Malcolm King has been crowned the "Biggest Loser", losing 4 kilograms over nearly two months. 

"It just adds a bit of fun to the harvest, there's lots of joking and winding people up about who will find it the hardest," says Malcolm.

Plenty of home cooked meals and sweet treats are consumed over harvest to help get through the long and strenuous days, so it is a challenge.

Malcolm's win has been recorded for posterity, as a special blazer brought in for the first time this year, which now bears his name. He donned the jacket for the first time at the harvest party, after a final weigh-in on the grape scales.

The vineyard dog, Monty, won his own unofficial title - gaining the most weight.

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