CK Stead's Poem written while staying at Dog Point Vineyard

Dog Point Vineyard | 2018-04-11

Poet laureate penned a tribute to Dog Point while he stayed here for the 2017 Marlborough Book Festival.

"Awake at 4am (jet lag) I stepped out of doors in my pyjamas into the frosty night to look at the sky, something I had not done in the South Island for several decades.

Later I wrote a poem about it which I here dedicate to the festival, the people who run it and the vineyards that support it," he wrote.

At Dog Point

After a day of frost and sunshine
in the valley of winter vineyards and winding streams
that teach the far brown hills by definition
and the farther mountains by peaks and caps of snow
Dog Point at 4 a.m.
showed me the night of another world
created by gods and peopled by their children
each one distinct, a point of  brilliant light
each family a constellation
and needing all together
a name to match and affirm their magnitude –
‘the Heavens’ for example or ‘the canopy of the stars’.

There is a dream of love
so far from the avidities of lust
and dramas of fidelity and possession
it is like that southern sky at night
burned across by a single shooting star.

CK Stead