Abundant sunshine, low rainfall and cool autumn nights create a long growing season.

Marlborough is New Zealand's largest wine region comprising 24,000 hectares located in the north eastern corner of New Zealand's South Island bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the East and towering mountain ranges in the hinterlands to the North and South. A broad alluvial plain stretches from the coastline gradually rising into narrow valleys and gentle hill slopes with favourable northerly aspects. 

Perfectly positioned at 41.3 degrees south, there is a superb synergy of climate and soil, with the proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the presence of prevailing winds and isolation from continental hot air masses creating a temperate maritime climate, with 2500 sunshine hours and 650mm of rain per annum. 

Although blessed with one of the sunniest and driest climates in New Zealand, Marlborough's heat is tempered throughout the summer months by easterly sea breezes with generally a lengthy dry autumn providing ideal conditions for the long slow ripening of grapes and the evolution of a rich array of vibrant fruit flavours.