Kia Ora November 2014, Bob Campbell

2012 SECTION 94

Super-serious sauvignon with the usual punchy aromas plus a whole lot more. The 2013 is just as good.


James Healy (pictured above left) and Ivan Sutherland (above right) have gone from creating a new label to producing what many consider an iconic one in just a decade. The philosophy, Ivan says, is simple. “We are big believers in narrowing the focus so you can have attention to detail.”
With only four wines, (two sauvignon blanc, one each of chardonnay and pinot noir), the pair concentrate on doing what Marlborough does best.
Not surprisingly, it is the sauvignons that have helped create the enviable reputation of Dog Point Wines. One is the true herbaceous, racy, zesty style the Marlborough region is famous for, fermented in stainless steel. The second, known as Section 94, does not even mention sauvignon blanc on the label. The wine is aged in oak for anywhere up to 18 months, where it evolves into a style very different from what many consider the sauvignon blanc norm.
“The wines have more texture and palate weight, therefore they suit a wider range of cuisine,” Ivan says.
Both Ivan and James see Section 94 as a natural evolution of a variety that has made its mark on the world scene. As James says, “Styles change over time. How they make Bordeaux now is very different to how they made it 40 years ago.”
The pair has also made a conscious decision not to enter wine shows to garner a reputation. Ivan says they want the consumers to decide for themselves if the wines are any good. And given in 10 years they have gone from exporting to three countries only to exporting to more than 40 now, it seems the consumers have spoken.

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